SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance – PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Current Average Price: $1.58


SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance – Now $3.99   PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

To celebrate our 3nd birthday we’re offering a promo – pay whatever you want!

You can always buy the game directly from Amazon or Steam, but we’re offering the PC version for a flat price to you cutting out the middle-man. You’ll get the digital special edition of the game completely DRM free plus a bonus Steam code.

What’s included with the special edition of the game?

  • A DRM Free Copy of SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance for Windows PC
  • SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Original Soundtrack
  • A PDF Manual for the Game
  • Dozens of Pieces of Concept Art from Development
  • PDFs the include Ship Blue-Prints, Character Logs, and more
  • 2 Wallpapers for desktop PCs
  • Steam version of the game


So whatcha waiting for? Get yourself a great co-op twin-stick shooter for the PC and support Indie development. We hope you enjoy this game we worked so very hard to make.