SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Fact Sheet

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance Fact Sheet
Brain Shape Games
360 (XBIG), PC (Digital Stores TBD)
Release Date:
June 2012 (XBIG), July 2012 (PC)
Sci-Fi Twin Stick Shooter

What SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is:

Mankind has expanded to the stars only to be systematically shut down by an opposing force known only as the Constituents of Nothing (CoNs). We must now regroup to fight back using newly discovered technologies in order to bring our species back from the brink of extinction across three star systems and the multiple planets within.

Players work together (or alone) using four different ship types with complementary strengths and weaknesses to push back the CoNs. The overall goal of individual missions vary from protecting colonies on or around planets, transporting goods across enemy infested space, or fighting to fortify positions against the CoNs. Striking sci-fi visuals and dynamic music combine with disparate missions leading to hours of intriguing gameplay and overall replay value.


  • Four unique ship types each with twelve upgradable items and six levels per upgrade
  • Story mode that arcs three planetary systems through 35 missions
  • Three modes of play including story, arcade and survival
  • Original score composed by Sean Beeson (Assault Heroes, Magic the Gathering Promo Trailers)
  • The unique “Salvage System” governs scoring, upgrades, and special abilities for the players
  • Ship classes, weapons, and missions all promote cooperative play
  • Scaling difficulty based on the number of players
  • Gigantic space battles feature hundreds of on screen enemies
  • Quirky characters and dialog keep the game spirited and give purpose to the missions