SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

BSA First Patch is Live! Permanent Price Drop Too!

The first patch for the Xbox 360 version of SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is now available.  The update brings a host of improvements including difficulty balancing, AI enhancements, control tweaks, and general bug fixes.  It’s taken quite some time for this patch to finally be available, so hopefully it was worth the wait.  All you need to do to receive the patch is fire up your copy of the game on 360.  All of these enhancements have been available on the PC version now since release.

  • Difficulty Balancing and Curve Adjusted Across the board
  • Euphrates class ship is now the default player ship
  • New Enemy AI Routines to help with “Crowding”
  • Clearer UI messages
  • Fixed a Crash Bug
  • Controller Tweaks for more responsive gameplay

Along with the release of the patch, the price of the Xbox Live Indie Game version has been permantly dropped from 240 MS Points to 80 MS Points.  The PC version has also dropped in price for both editions.

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