SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Former Senior Airman Valgard Vapnfjord, LOG1 – 2996

Demoted! Can you believe it?

First they had me working on some cargo crates, hauling cargo back and forth across a dock, filling these massive, defenseless freighters. Know what they did next? Assigned me to one of those freighters! Now I have to fly around in a giant ship that might as well have a target painted on the side. “But it’s got decent armor,” they assure me. That ain’t no replacement for a good pulse cannon at my side!

“At least you’re still flying!” The little red bot told me, in the Admiral’s voice. I hate that he’s right. It’s either this, or loading cargo crates for the rest of my life. Maybe they’ll give me some guns later. I’ll bet that pretty little engineer will accommodate me, once I butter her up a bit. Who can resist the call of the Valgard?

One other thing bothers me about this whole thing.

I’ll bet they replace me with some rookie, or a whole fleet of rookies. I won’t like them.

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