SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Head Engineer Dana Allston, LOG 3 – 2996

Ya Ta!

We’ve established a remote link to the bots surrounding all of the former mining generators under Alliance control. It was a challenge to get communication set up between such distances, and I wasn’t sure they worked until we traveled from Earths region to Mars. The relay link told the bots around Mars to clean up as much enemy salvage as they could, and gave them instructions to set up their own shield lens and battery. Mars is glowing the brilliant blue, with the shield intact! We can travel harmlessly to the surface, where we met a laison from the planet Mau who have confirmed the shields becoming active around their planet in the next inhabitable system.

It’s taken years to establish any communication through the systems, and the link is very limited. Simple instructions only, and they take time to get to where they’re going. But, it worked. With communication we can start to amass our resources, protect and guard the generators, and share technologies with the surviving humans in the universe.

My job is to continue researching and developing what weapons and blue shield technologies I can. Once I feel we’ve optimized our forces as best we can, it’ll be time to strike back.

We’re an alliance amongst the vastness of space, and we’re ready.

End Log

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