SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Crew Bot B-177.e, LOG3 – 2996

Airman Valgard is quite the beast. I’m sure I don’t want him escorting anymore mission, since he’s what the people call “batty.” Instead of manually entering the ordeal, I’ll just download my internal log.

Memory log 514: “On course to Shield Generator 0, orbiting Earth. Tethered to freighter 3, self unit B-177.e, secondary D-366.i, R-088.o, and T-154.k shield integrity 100% Radar clear, 4432 clicks from target.

Time to target 145s. Radar clear. Volga craft designation Valgard firing primary weapons, steady stream. No target detected, radio silence ordered.

3002 clicks from target.

Radar activity, three CoN ships. Volga craft designation Valgard has fired missiles on target. Volga craft designation Valgard set a pursuit course for CoN ship, Rio craft Designation Emma, Euphrates craft designation Paul, Euphrates craft designation Marie, Potomac craft designation Simpson change course to maintain formation.

Freighter on course, 2489 clicks from target. Radar activity, four CoN ships closing in. Shield integrity 98%.

Radar clear of ally forces, four CoNs remain. Radio silence lifted. Allies ordered back to freighter. Shield integrity 94%.

1045 clicks from target.

Upgrades package contents prepared for arrival. Software link up to generator successful. Preparing to dock. Units B-177.e, D-366.i, R-088.o, T-154.k released from tractor. Dock successful. Shield integrity 90%

Radar shows three allies, Volga craft, Euphrates craft, and Potomac craft, designations unclear. Radar shows CoN forces, unknown strong.

Freighter taking damage, unit designated D-366.i destroyed. Generator taking damage, 56% shield integrity. Unit T-154.k reassigned to deliver processed salvage to repair generator. B-177.e time to complete upgrades 6:15s.

Ally headcount, Volga craft designation Valgard moderately damaged, Euphrates craft designation Paul moderately damaged, Potomac craft designation Simpson heavily damaged, MIA craft logged. Radar shows unclear enemy forces.

B-177.e time to complete upgrades 2:15s. Freighter shield integrity 65%.

Euphrates craft designation Paul upgraded to heavy damage. Volga craft designation Valgard shows zero missile cache, zero mine cache. Potomac craft designation Simpson en route to deliver additional salvage to generator.

Unit T-154.k reassigned to deliver salvage from Potomac craft designation Simpson to generator. Generator hull integrity critical, 25%.

B-177.e time to complete upgrades 1:00s. Freighter shield integrity 50%.

Radar shows 6 remaining CoNs, Euphrates craft designation Paul destroyed. Volga craft designation Valgard upgraded to heavy damage. Potomac craft designation Simpson upgraded to heavy damage.

B-177.e time to complete upgrades 12s. Freighter shield integrity 45%. Radar clear. Ordering retreat to Capital Ship for repairs and debriefing.

Upgrades successful.”

I guess even with my emotions chip, my memories are still pretty dull. That is what happened, from the unbiased memory of a poor, heartless robot. It’s also why Airman Valgard is facing a bit of trouble, since he got most of his squad killed.

The other news that comes from this is Admiral Alvarez’s text monitor. He felt it wasn’t quite adequate when disciplining Airman Valgard, so he has had me upgraded with a voice he finds suitable. His text monitor then syncs with my vocal unit, and he can talk through me. It’s a huge honor to be used in this way, and I am glad to never see the vastness of space in the first person again.

Mission success, reward initiated.


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