SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Admiral Herman Alvarez LOG3 – 2996

The past few months have been something of a trial, I’m sure of it. First we have issues with the building crew, creating the necessary parts for the shield generators. “We don’t have enough blue matter for the projection lens,” they tell me. “We don’t have enough dark matter for the batteries!” the crew complained often. Fortunately, Dana took care of them herself before too long. Then we have this incident, or second incident with the airman known as Vapnfjord.

I still have not decided adequate punishment for his recklessness in getting most of his team killed, but he’s grounded until something is worked out. Hopefully hauling salvage boxes will keep him busy for the time being. He’s got such potential with his passions, but he’s also a danger to his allies.

That brings me to B-177.e. The bot we saved in space, restored power to, and I’ve now given my voice. It’s been a challenge to deal with leadership duties with no vocal capabilities, but that’s been changed. B can now relay my orders directly to the crew in the commanding voice I remember as my own. This trust position for a bot unit is unheard of, but he’s earned it. Setting up our first successful generators, aiding the crew in their duties, and now he can take some of my own duties as well.

It will be nice to have another outlet for dealing with issues, since they seems to be no end of them of late. B has been programmed to handle all communications between the fleets, dealing with the mass scan radar virtually unassisted, and dealing with other important duties such as training new pilots.

At that, I must return to my own duties.

End Log

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