SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Senior Airman, Valgard Vapnfjord LOG2 – 2996

Okay, so the ships eat up the salvage and can’t collect more while the shield is engaged. So, invincible? I guess not. A few people were lost on that last attempt, but we can be more careful. The Admiral showed up in person to rip us a new one on that mission.

“You were just to escort B-177.e to the generator to set up the shield and reprogram those bots!”

Was flashing in red on the display screen he was carrying. Good thing he can’t scream with that throat trauma and all. I heard some scratches in his neck from when he wanted to holler, made my spine crimp.

Next time we’ll make a dent in them, and move on to their home world or wherever they come from.

End Log.

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