SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Platforms, Release Dates, and Contests

Why hello once again, fine people of the Alliance. After the past week of insanity that we gamers like to call E3, it’s been a bit of a crunch on the business side of SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance to get details figured out for release dates, console/PC venues, and price points.  Here’s what we know right now.

Currently we’ve got a content complete build we are submitting to two major contests, which are the Dream Build Play contest and the PAX Indie 10 contest.  The deadline to submit this to Xbox Indie Games is Tuesday, June 12th.  The PAX 10 contest has its deadline on Friday, June 15th and is a slightly different PC focused build.

After these builds are submitting we’re going back and adding a few more features as well as working on some additional AI and polish type stuff.  If all goes well we’ll be releasing on Xbox Indie Games by the end of June and hopefully somewhere on the PC in early July.

Our price points on both platforms aren’t set in stone yet, but it looks like Xbox Indie Games will run you 240 MS Points and the PC version will run around $5 at launch.

Keep an eye out for several previews of the game from E3 going up over the next week or so.  We’re pretty excited to hear what folks have to say!

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