SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Character Profile: B-177.e

Height: 4’0”
Weight: 300lbs
Ethnicity: Generator Robot
Specialty: Communications, Empathy

B-177.e was once a salvage bot that worked on an iron harvesting generator orbiting Kronor, until his generator was destroyed by a vicious CoN assault. At the time only holding the rank of Captain, Herman Alvarez found the little red robot, badly damaged and floating through space, while on a reconnaissance mission to the nearby planet which was also attacked. The two, Admiral Alvarez and B have since become like best friends, inseparable and bonded in a very special way. B has become Admiral Alvarez’s voice, and B-177.e owes Alvarez after saving him from certain malfunction.

Since B-177.4 was found floating alone in space, badly damaged and left for “dead,” he’s suffering from a form of robot PTSD. He’s badly afraid of the aliens, and most of the missions  themselves, but understands they’re important to saving humanity (and ultimately himself). He tries to strengthen his bond with other crew members by using human idioms, but often gets them wrong.

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