SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Planet Profiles: Tandemic System

Along your journey through SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance there will be many planets you need to protect.  Some of these are very foreign and in distant galaxies.  Our next stop is the fictional solar system called Tandemic.


Population: 375k
Size: 32,721KM
Key Resource: Iron

The entire surface of Kronor is permafrost. Under the ice and snow, human cities developed from iron mining operations, deep ice fisheries, and phosphorus collections. Inhabitants deal with the cold using the environment much like an oversized igloo, the ice creating a natural insulation to retain the mantle heat near the buried cities.


Population: 1.7b
Size: 21,377KM
Key Resource: Beryllium

Mau was once a highly sought after resort from the busy colony worlds. Inhabitants of nearby systems have took refuge here after the CoN attack, thanks to the highly dense terra used to conceal human-kinds numbers on the surface. Massive trees and other vegetation, abundant fresh water sources, and defensible villages have allowed Mau to endure as a safe haven.


Population: Uninhabitable
Size: 16,409KM
Key Resource: Unknown

T01-P005 is regarded as an uninhabitable planet. Not much is known about the surface, other than the white-hot lava flowing freely, rarely slowing enough to cool before being recycled by the planet.

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