SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Character Profile: Admiral Herman Alvarez

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 243 lbs
Ethnicity: Old Earth Latino
Specialty: Leadership, Tactics

Admiral Alvarez is an experienced soldier of The Alliance, somewhat resembling a pirate with his disfiguring scars. His voice (along with most of his chest and neck) has been destroyed after getting too close to a CoN attack on a ship he was Captain of fifteen years before becoming Admiral. He hates to appear disabled in any way, so he sends most of his orders either directly to the pilots via computer text, or through his liaison bot B-177.e, aka “B.”

Admiral Alvarez is close to his ship and crew, trusting them to perform their duties without micromanaging guidance. For this reason, he’s carefully selected his closest advisers, from his best scientists daughter, to the most reckless but brave pilot in the galaxy. As a pilot you’re held to his high standards, and there will be little room for mistakes.

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