SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Head Engineer, Dana Allston LOG2 – 2996

With the help of unit B-177.e’s repairs of a nearby mining generator, I was able to reassign its capabilities to project a massive shield that nearly covers the entire planet of Earth. This shield is capable of completely protecting the planet from the Constituents attacks, as the generated material is the exact opposite of the CoN’s dark energy makeup.  We’ll need to do this to the rest of the generators, and since we ran into some issues with our head escort pilot disobeying orders on some vendetta. I’m unclear on the details, since I was informed much later.

“The overall mission was a success,” the Admiral’s display screen flashed at me, “but they ran into some trouble. It will be addressed, we just need time to assemble another team.” He suggests I work on a faster delivery system in the meantime while assuring me the trouble during the mission had nothing to do with my plans. We did discover that the charged salvage collected directly from enemy ships is infinitely more potent at powering the generators, as it fills the Blue Matter along with repairing the iron hull.

At least we can start protecting some of the planet. If only I can work out some way to remotely deliver these upgrades. Reversing the mining generators is easy. It’s just getting the modifications set to actually project a shield into the atmosphere of the planet from the thermosphere.

My next goal is to speed up the process, either way. However I can optimize will save time for now, and get more settlements protected by additional generators. One won’t cover the entire planet, and we need more than two up and running in case the other fails. Or worse, is targetted.

It would be handy if we could shield the generators with other generators. It turns out this Substance B, Blue Matter material generates too much heat without the coldness of space to keep them cool. We tried a small scale version and the shield generator shielding itself overheated in fifteen minutes in our open pilot bay, even at 1/32nd the scale.

Look at me, rambling on. I should get back to work. I’ll log my progress as soon as we get things back in motion.

End Log

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