SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Planet Profiles: Sol System

Along your journey through SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance there will be many planets you need to protect.  Some of these are very foreign and in distant galaxies, but our first stop is much closer to home – in our own Solar system.


Population:  2.4 Billion
Size: 40,075KM Key Resource: Water

After years of expansion, Earth is once again home to the majority of surviving humans from the initial CoN attack. Earth is the first line of defense in this war to survive. Researching tech called Substance B, we’ve created Planetary Shield Generators as a tangible barrier between us and the CoNs, but this technology is fickle and needs to be maintained.

The Moon

Population: 142
Size:  10,917KM
Key Resource: Uranium

While Earth’s Moon may not be colonized, it holds value in disrupting any imposing CoN presence near Earth using its own shields. A massive Substance B laboratory is the only inhabitable installation on the surface. The Alliance relies on the Moon facility for field testing newly developed weapons and more stable technologies to sustain Blue Shields.


Population: 16,784
Size: 21,344KM
Key Resource: Niobium

Long time coveted planet for its colonization capabilities and abundant mineral resources, Mars is a prime settlement. Our prized academic colonies exist on this terraformed planet, along with our top science facilities. Many initial breakthroughs in our present technologies came from the brilliant resident minds, survival here means survival for our race.


Population: 0
Size: 7,232KM
Key Resource:  Nitrogen

Pluto has faced a lot of scrutiny during its classification by humans, but the fact remains that it serves as a key point in the Solar System due to the warp gates positioned around it.  While it may not be habitable, it is still important to the Alliance as a major hub for interstellar travel. You’ll probably just end up passing through, so to speak.

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