SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

And Together, We Tweet.

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance has made an important step in the webberverse, as we’ve joined the ranks of Twitter. I know what you’re thinking: “Yay, spambot auto-posts,” but that is not the case. A few of us on the site (so far, Myself – @ShadokatRegn and Nick – @NickPuleo) will be manning the @SCHAR_BSA Twitter account basically around the clock as best we can, making personal posts set to entertain, as well as answering and interacting with you, the ever-important people of the internet.

We’ll have plenty of stuff to post both from our own website (not auto-fed, all custom posted for entertainment/personality), and around the web, which we hope you’ll be interested to read. Dev-blogs, character profiles, game content, and interviews from us and quirky space-facts, and other such info from the databanks of the internet. Everything a growing game needs in the month or so prefacing release.

So, be sure to check out our Twitter account, where we hope to entertain and inform as we approach release, and hopefully keep you updated on goings on in the months following release.

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