SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance


The one question we seemed to get asked over and over again is – “What does SCHAR stand for?”

The answer is actually sort of complicated, but the short of it is – it doesn’t stand for anything specific.  But I wouldn’t leave it at that…so lets step into the time machine.

It was the  mid 90’s and MYST was taking computer gaming by storm.  Dave and I, being the the ambitious young lads of the age of 14 thought we could do better.  Armed with Visual Basic we wanted to make our own MYST.  So we created SCHAR (pronounced SHAR)– a game that was basically a bunch of stock (stolen) images found on AOL with invisible labels over them you’d click.  The highlight of the game was the waterfall scene in which an animated character (2 frames of animation) fell from the waterfall and you had to click him to save him.  I told you we could be better than MYST.

Fast forward to college, some 6 years later.  During one of our summer breaks Dave and I had brain stormed a new game called SCHAR: Project Blue Fence.  It wasn’t to be an adventure game, but rather something of an action/strategy game.  In reality, a lot of it wasn’t too far off of what Blue Shield Alliance is.  We wrote a back story, had some design docs, and I think we may have even started to code it.  Sadly it never got anywhere beyond that.

More recently, specifically about 2 years ago, Dave and I started to experiment with XNA.  We began working on a shooter called Fairy Blaster (a spirtual successor to our game Massacre of the Fairies).  This went on and off for the better part of a year until I had another idea for a game.  Do you see the trend here?  We’re constantly thinking up ideas and often (not) executing on them.

Thanks to a hurricane and a plane diversion after PAX Prime last year, I landed in Denver and spent some time at Dave’s place where we decided to take the game making thing seriously.  We replaced the fairy graphics with space ships and started to lay out the groundwork for what would become Blue Shield Alliance.  And in typical P&P Enterprise…err…Brain Shape Game fashion, we added the SCHAR label to the project.

So there you have it.  SCHAR – it means absolutely nothing but has a ton of history attached to it.

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