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Holy spumoni. Every mission for SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is designed, written, and implemented in its base rough-drafted form. There are still many weeks of editing, adjusting, and otherwise changing things to fit the game (and lots of consistency edits, because there are 36 missions in the game and sometimes consistency didn’t happen), but we’re in the basic landing pattern of completion.

I’m happy to report that we have a solid variety in our mission structure, some hilarious character moments, and truly epic space battles as per Nick Puleo’s personal demand. Writing up some of the later “epic” missions gave me chills, even in the rough drafting stage! I’m personally taking that as a good sign, and after some polish my goal is to have those chills resonating through the missions before, and after each great moment in the game.

For the next few weeks, I will be the crazy person with stacks of papers on the floor and a highlighter looking for errors manually. There is a good chance I will be in some state of over-caffeination, and hopefully that energy will show through the mission intensity and quirky dialog. The rest of the team has their work cut out for them as well with balancing, bug catching and other programming jargon, so please be patient – it’s coming together!

On a somewhat related note: we’re running a contest to name some of our in-game generators. I haven’t calculated exactly how many generators we have, but it’s easily over 100 total. Simply send me an e-mail, and you’ll have an opportunity to name a generator (if you’re going to be offensive, at least make it clever and cryptic, it’s an all-ages game) for credit in the game, and a chance to win a CUSTOM XBOX 360 (with skin provided by when the game launches!

The generators power shields that protect the planets in SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance – so name accordingly!

Your Full Name: (For credit in the game!)

Your E-mail: (For confirmation if we choose your generator name and entry into the contest).

Generator Name: (I’ll let you know if your name is chosen).

I wish to conclude this dev blog by thanking everyone who has taken time out of their own busy lives to try out, give feedback on, and give basic support to SCHAR. The project has been the most satisfying work of my life personally, and I know the rest of the team is incredibly invested in this as well (Nick and Dave spent 30+ hours working on core elements over just two days!) We’re working to implement as much feedback as we can, so hopefully you’ll be able to experience the best Indie title possible.

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