SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

The Final Piece – Simulated Rendered Planets

If you’ve watched any of our preview videos, you may have noticed that our planets seemed slightly devoid of life.  They were simply static images.  And while most looked well enough, they never quite had the pop we were hoping for; especially since they are pretty much the centerpiece and focus of the game.

Last night we put what is our last “big” feature into the game – a simulated rendered planet that rotates.  What you are seeing is not a 3d model but a sprite generated from a texture map.  For our PC build we’ll still have the option to switch to a static image for speed, but there doesn’t seem to be any adverse effects of using this method of rendering on the 360 or a mid-range PC.

As we head into this weekend we’ll be wrapping up the builds on a few levels and tidying up some interface stuff.  After that it’s mostly boring programming options like saving and loading, options screens, and then onto balancing and bug fixes.

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