SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Blue Shield Alliance PAX East Recap

Hard to believe PAX East has come and gone already.  It was an event I had my eyes on for what seemed like months.  The big unveiling, the first truly public showing of something I’ve been pouring so much time, energy and emotion into.  It was incredibly nerve racking.

We had plans to do some guerrilla style showing around the show floor area, but a tip made me worried we might get kicked out since we didn’t have a proper exhibitor badge.  We still got some eyes on the game a few folks stopped by to play and offer feedback, but overall that didn’t work out as well as I hoped.

Luckily that was only part of the plan.  Saturday night we showed off the game to numerous community members, friends, press, and even some developers in a hotel suite at the Hyatt Regency.  It went way better than I could have expected.  We had the game set up in two rooms on 42″ TVs.  Kat and I swapped between the areas introducing folks to the basic concepts in the bedroom (bow-chica-bow-wow) and then giving them the full on game experience in the living room.  Watching folks laughing, pointing, smiling, and just generally enjoying Blue Shield Alliance was an awesome experience.  I could tell people were having fun and that made me incredibly happy.

So a big thank you to everyone who came out like @SixOkay from Robot Entertainment, @Pkollar from Polygon, @leftybrown and @mrsleftybrown from The Married Gamers, @theDCD from Post Game Report, and the numerous other folks who took the time out of their busy schedules to see what we were showing!

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