SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Crew Bot B-177.e, LOG2 – 2995

I guess my search through my memory can wait, I didn’t find anything useful to anyone else or little me. I’ve been summoned for the task of installing software in all of the robots around the nearest generators, so I can communicate with them directly. They’ll be working again, complete with personality so they can judge situations on their own, after almost two hundred years of dormancy.

I hope I don’t have to replace any other parts…

I have this installation kit that Dana made for me. It should be easy enough to take care of, plug and boogie. I just have to get close enough to a generator to do the plugging without getting blown up. Airman Valgard is supposed to head the mission. He screams a lot, but I guess they wouldn’t put him in charge if he didn’t do a good job.

We’ll get those generators up and running, complete with communication relays that should target the nearest generators in the system. In theory, this software should automatically upload to every group of bots around generators. With the right encouragement, I should just be able to tell them to fix the generators, and get them fixed up with Blue. Programming is so much harder than talking. Trust me, I know this thing.

I also now know this: I learned why our pilots are stuck on a single plane, in spite of this being in outer space. Dana assures me that in Earth’s history scientists honestly tried to full 360 degree action, but too many fragile human pilots complained of tilt sickness or their brains hemorrhaged. The CoN’s must have a similar weakness, as you can see they attack on the same level every time.

End Log.

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