SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Ship Profile: Volga Class Heavy Cruiser

Name:  Volga Class Heavy Cruiser
Design Designation:  BSA-W5Z-HAC
Colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Specialty:  Damage Dealing, Cargo Capacity

Primary Weapon: Dual Pulse Laser Cannon (0.7 SPS)
Secondary Weapons:  Proximity Mines, Missiles

Description:  The Volga is a heavy ship with some serious armor plating which helps protect it’s precious cargo of dark matter salvage.  Built with dual purpose in mind – heading into battle and destroying the enemy quickly and effectively as well as the ability to carry loads of cargo make this an ship a perfect pair with a Rio fighter.  The added ability to drop proximity mines helps to compensate for the ships slower speed.

One unique feature to this craft is the ability for the turrets to fire in any direction while heading in another – a feature completely unique to the Volga compared to the other ships in the fleet.



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