SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Ship Profile: Euphrates Class Assault Frigate

Name:  Euphrates Class Assault Frigate
Design Designation:  BSA-A10X-BG
Colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Specialty:  Hybrid Attack and Defense

Primary Weapon:  Pulse Laser Cannon (0.8 SPS)
Secondary Weapons:  Turret, Homing Missiles

Description:  The Euphrates assault frigate is the most balanced ship in the Blue Shield Alliance.   It has ample fire power to deal with enemies both weak and strong as well as heat seeking missiles as a secondary option.  Besides attacking, the Euphrates is a capable ship for defense with the ability to deploy remote auto-targeting turrets to protect generators.

The ship’s latest design includes has refined it’s movement and maneuverability since the original A09Y model.



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