SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Ship Profile: Rio Class Fighter

Name:  Rio Class Fast Attack Corvette
Design Designation:  BSA-V25-FAC
Colors:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Specialty:  First into battle

Primary Weapon:  Pulse Laser Cannon (1 SPS)
Secondary Weapons:  Heal Bot, Homing Missiles

Description:  The Rio is the fastest fighter in the fleet, but also the fighter which holds the least amount of salvage and is most effected by it.  Because of this the fighter is best used as a support class, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies while drawing enemy fire away from generators or fully loaded salvage ships.

 The ship has had an evolution over the years to it’s current V25-FAC model edition which includes atmospheric capable wings and the addition of the support Healbot helping to repair the light armored hull when damaged.




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