SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Head Engineer Dana Allston, LOG1-2995

The Admiral himself had asked me in on a major discovery, to sit with the scientists and review almost forty years worth of trial and error. It’s come down to this, and not a moment too soon. Some ten years ago, scientists started looking for other materials in space that might directly oppose the Dark Matter. My father headed the first project of this kind, and this has been the direction of every experiment since.

It looks like the science team did find a solution for the Dark Matter that was the primary problem before, and right under our noses. The CoN’s are largely composed of this substance, and anything of our materials that touched CoN material was basically destroyed instantly. For a few hundred years we used Dark Matter to transport ships faster than light, but it was carefully encased in a lead-titanium substance. A single leak, and everything was lost.

Now, we have something that actually erases Dark Matter. It’s very basically stated, Blue Matter, or what we call Substance B.  We didn’t really see it as anything in space, it was the random bits of white noise, tinted blue when collected, that we ignored for – well, until now. We have found a way to collect it, and store it. The last meeting I sat in on was a discussion on how to use this substance without destroying our own dark matter tech. It was no easy task.

The installation into the ships has been going smoothly, so far. It took about 6 months to figure out how to weaponize something like Substance B, but it worked out between my team and I.  Now that the basics are under way, I’ve got to shift my efforts to the colonies. The Admiral seems to think those old generators can be designated to project a massive blue shield set to cover basically an entire planet. There are enough generators around each settlement to conceivably try to change a generator once used for mining into something used to store and expel energy.

The ships offered us a solution to that already. We had to put a bot on each ship with the capacity to collect and store materials charged with dark energy. The dark energy charged metals create a unique radiation that easily fuels the blue shields, and weapons, though the weapons take up a surprising amount less than the shields.  In theory we can reprogram every old bot around each generator to do the same thing: Collect dark charged salvage and turn it into energy for the blue shields.

Now, we just have to make a way to implement these plans efficiently.

End Log.

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