SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Character Profile: Valgard Vapnfjord

Salvage Ship Pilot

Height: 6’6”
Weight: 320 lbs
Ethnicity: New Union of  Scandinavia
Specialty:  Alliance Support, Being Bitter

Valgard Vapnfjord was once head pilot for the first ever alliance assault fleet. His heavy hitting Styx Assault Fighter was the envy of all, but no one wanted to pilot under him. After a series of reckless incidents where all of his subordinate pilots were killed and often the generator he was in charge of protecting was destroyed, Valgard faced the BSA tribunal.  After serving a sentence in the scrap yards, where he spent his time hauling debris and parts for generators by hand, he was reinstated but demoted.

Now a disgruntled junk ship pilot that delivers additional resources to fighter pilots, Valgard has basically become a gigantic target for the aliens with no firepower or proper defenses as punishment for his reckless behavior and he knows it.

Valgard is a valuable resource to the Alliance, delivering goods and creating a much needed heavily armored diversion away from the generators. You’ll be wise to use his help as often as possible – who knows, he might warm up to you and become one of the craziest allies in the SCHAR Universe.

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