SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Admiral Herman Alvarez, LOG2 – 2995

What are the odds? During my lifetime, our fine scientists have worked out a way to basically erase this threat. I can’t explain how important this is to me or my crew on the headship seven years ago. Now it’s time for payback.

For me it’s time to get the human race allied once again. We’re spread so far out, I’m not sure what the solution is. Dana has suggested we get B, who is apparently bored with these closed doors meetings, out on one of those old generators to set up an upload relay, and maybe use the parts to make a shield for the settlements. Who says you can’t use a weapon to purely protect? A Blue Shield for the settlements. I’m hoping to cover the whole planet, but we’ll see what our technologies allow.

Setting up shields around the settlements until we can move should be a priority, before moving in to squash those no good sunno… One step at a time. Dana has already found solutions to implement the weapons aboard small craft, so we have a chance of using direct assault and defense in concentrated areas. Her team is working across this sector to ensure all of our ships in the Solar System are equipped.

I hear something about a secret project that the assault teams have been working on, but they’re keeping knowledge limited so the CoN’s are less likely to catch wind of the project to sabotage it. I don’t even know where this is taking place, but I trust in her judgement to keep her team in check.

Teamwork will see us through, I’m sure of it.

End Log.

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