SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Crew Bot B-177.e, LOG1 – 2995

What am I supposed to do while everyone works? I’m just a liaison bot now, no real purpose other than to communicate through fifteen different ships and their corrisponding crews. No communication during the hush-hush time where the Admiral says I can’t share information, no purpose for B. I’m having what the people call a hardware struggle. I need to keep my circuits busy while I’m not allowed to communicate.

Maybe now I can go through my old memory logs that Dana saved for me. I didn’t used to be a liaison bot. I did stuff. Important stuff. Let’s see.

Memory log 1: “Date 2715, generator 243 functioning. Generator purpose, designated to harvest mineral Iron (Fe). Generator 243, functioning.”

Well, that was informative. Maybe later in the logs.

Memory log 396: “Date 2751, generator 243 non-functional. Generator purpo… Generator non-functioning. Change log. Visual log, 50% functional. Debris obscuring accurate analysis. Unidentified object. Size: large. Composition: Dark mass energy, Iron, Steel, unknown. Purpose: Unknown.”

Oh right, I wasn’t instilled with personality  until after Dana fixed me up. I must have been broken by whatever this was. Probably those alien things. I wonder if they have this composition information in the science lab. I’ll go check.

While I’m there I have this other question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now. I noticed all of our ships fly on a single plane, and so do the CoN’s vessels. Confirmed by the little I could see on this visual log. I need to know the reason behind that. It seems more efficient to travel wherever we want, since we don’t have the general gravity restrictions of atmosphere anywhere we go.

End log.

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