SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Character Profile: Dana Allston


Height: 5’6”
122 lbs
New United Irish
Weapons and Technology

Dana Allston is a brilliant inventor and mechanic who’s designed exceptional weapons and ship modifications that have helped to turn the tide of the battle against the CoNs.  Dana is the only daughter of the great scientist Frederick Allston, who created the initial Blue Shield with his team. She’s now following in her late fathers footsteps by aiding the SCHAR Empire against the great CoN threat, utilizing her own inventions to make Blue Shield usable by all of our forces as both shields and weaponry.

Dana is thirty-five Earth years old, and has been playing in the Alliance cargo bays since she was old enough to crawl. She graduated the Academy of Mars at age 17 with a doctorate in engineering, but refuses to go by the title “Doctor Allston” as she feels that name belongs to her father. She’s been working around the clock to implement all of her inventions since the fleets Admiral brought her aboard the headship. She is also an excellent resource in ship upgrades, and general information about your craft through the SCHAR experience.


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