SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Admiral Herman Alvarez, LOG1-2995

Today marks my first full day as the Admiral of this fine fleet in the SCHAR empire. Unfortunately that means my predecessor has passed in the most unpleasant of events. The CoN’s (Constituents of Nothing, as we’ve been calling them for years) have pushed us back to just a handful of remaining settlements, mostly situated in our own solar system.  The former Admiral was en route to a bunker on Mars, when her ship was overrun. Fortunately the technologies she was carrying on board were jettisoned and survived, along with a few personnel who have an idea what we’re looking at.  I’ve just sent B to retrieve them and bring them back to our ship here so our engineers and scientists can evaluate the possibility of this “new element” actually working.

Our hope for survival against our impending demise now remains on a few eccentric scientists who think they can “Cure the CoN threat.”  For as long as I can remember we’ve been fleeing for our lives, hiding from the CoNs and trying to fight back when we’ve amassed what we thought was a strong force.  It was never enough.

If this solution works, if this mysterious element can truly turn the tide of this battle…this isn’t going to happen over night.  We’re going to need to plan. I’m including our resident engineer, one Dana Allston, in the review process. The scientists wanted to keep it private, but she’s going to have to know what is going on to implement a solution, and the more she knows early on the faster it can happen. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, the top billed name on the plan document is Fredrick Allston, her late father, who I knew briefly during our time aboard the same headship.

I feel better about having her involved in her fathers work, and I know he’d want the same. So that brings outside influence to three: Myself, Dana, and B. Trying to keep the information limited for now is ideal, because there is a chance this is another false alarm. I’d rather fewer be disappointed but prepared if it comes down to it, than many disappointed or no one prepared.

This is my first action as Admiral, let us hope it’s not the last.
End Log

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