SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Houston, We Have Story

Okay, so technically that’s a mislead. SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance has had a story in the works for months now, if not years. However, the story is now actually being implemented within the game, and it’s building up nicely.

Hi, I’m Kat and I’ll be one of your writers on this grand sci-fi adventure. I am more than excited (Just ask Nick, it’s been pretty annoying how excited I am) to be involved in such a project, and to actually see our collective characters come to life within the SCHAR world is incredible. So, on this date I would like it to be known that the first two sectors are written, and should be initially implemented by the weekend. Of course later edits will be needed to make sure things fit and flow with the missions, as working across timezones is sometimes difficult – but so far so good.

Maybe I should talk about what we mean by “Characters.” Last update, Nick shared our ships and ship graphics with you. Each with varying strengths and weaknesses as well as unique visual appearance, but my job was to let you know who is in charge here. We have decided that four is a healthy number of characters for such a game. Not necessarily one for each playable ship, but one for each element in the game.

Admiral Herman Alvarez:

Admiral Alvarez has been around for a while, seen a lot of action, and he’s ready to be on the front line against the enemy after they nearly killed him some time ago. He’s toting around a fair amount of emotional and physical scars that remind him daily what we’re up against. He’s happy to aid his Alliance in whatever way he can, in spite of his disability – you see, he has no voice. Most of his commands are relayed via his counterpart, B-177.e but he also uses a computer to speak with us directly when he is tired of feeling dependent.


Codenamed “B” by his shipmates, B-177.e is a repair drone that was part of a destroyed generator. He was blown to bits and left for scrap when Admiral Alvarez happened upon him. Repaired and programmed to relay the Admirals every will to the crew, he quickly became the first robotic crew member in the Alliance. He’s your best resource for information and mission objectives through the game, though he doesn’t quite get a lot of human euphemisms or humor.

Dana Allston:

Dana is our engineer, well versed in everything covered in any type of grease. She mostly stays in her bay, but is known to pop in now and then to keep up with the missions. Her primary function in the game is to aid you in upgrading your ships as well as offering tidbits of technical information on the enemy. She’s a valuable resource who is ready to help you any way she can.

Valgard Vapnfjord:

Every fleet has to have a salvage fleet, primarily in charge of sifting through scrap and keeping the best parts to be distributed to generators at a later date. This was not Valgard’s job initially. It may be best to think of him as a front man for a former contingency of ships, before they were all destroyed during a mission. Actually, he did this twice. He’s moderately insane, so he was stripped of his weapons to become less of a liability and banished to a salvage hauler. His scrap is invaluable to the missions at hand.


I for one can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store, and hope you enjoy watching the evolution from early builds to the slick design and abundance of content we have now, and on to further changes down the road. Further changes also go toward the characters and their purpose, so this introduction may not even apply in three months – but now you know their roots. Perhaps soon we can share what they look like as well. I’ll give you a hint about Valgard, he looks like his name implies – probably a football player.

Kat signing off.

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